Swindon Poetry Festival Programme 2018

Wednesday 3rd October
SUPER HAMLET 64 with Edward Day
3rd October 2018; 7.30pm-9.30pm; TENT PALACE OF THE DELICIOUS AIR
What if you woke up one morning and realised that your life was actually a computer game? Your Dad just died, your Uncle's married your Mum and is hell bent on world domination, while the person you have a crush on turns out to be a samurai sword wielding super hero. Oh, and your Dad's a singing ghost.
Inspired by films like Scott Pilgrim Vs The World and with references to almost every videogame ever made, Super Hamlet 64 is fast paced retelling of Shakespeare most famous play, full of retro animation, spoken word, live music and comedy songs.
Touring to Birmingham, Newcastle, Bristol, Camden, Norwich, Oxford, Bromsgrove, Swindon, Bath, Clevedon & Croydon.

Thursday 4th October

VIVIENNE with Clare McCaldin & Paul Turner on piano
4th October; 12 noon to 13.00; CHRIST CHURCH, Cricklade Street, Old Town. SN1 3HB.
This new work of music theatre tells the story of the life of Vivienne Haigh-Wood, whose disastrous marriage to TS Eliot and ill-health prevented her from realising her radical social ideas.  In a staged cycle of six songs, Andy Rashleigh’s dazzling lyrics are based on templates provided by TS Eliot’s verse. Vivienne is the latest work in a series that Clare McCaldin has created with Stephen McNeff, which also includes A Voice of One Delight. This performance is accompanied by celebrated Swindonian pianist Paul Turner.
OPEN MIC including readings from Sarah L. Dixon, Judi Sutherland and Rachael Clyne
4th October - 13:30 - 15:30 - TENT PALACE OF THE DELICIOUS AIR. Hosted by Sarah L Dixon, The Quiet Compere. Sarah has been published in The Interpreter’s House, Stare’s Nest, Ink, Sweat and Tears, Loose Muse, BOMP 3, YorkMix and Rain Dog among others. Bring a poem to read (your own or a favourite by someone else).
FLARESTACK POETS with Philip Gross, Anna-May Laugher & Pey Pey Oh
4th October - 16:00 - 17:00 - TENT PALACE OF THE DELICIOUS AIR. Introduced by Flarestack editor Isabel Palmer.

Friday 5th October
Workshop: Clare Shaw 'Poetry of Survival'
5th October Holiday Inn - 10 – 12 
Poetry helps many of us through times of difficulty: it has the capacity to transform and heal us. It may even save our lives. Sharing work by poets like Pascale Petite and Kei Miller, whose writing gives voice to experiences of struggle and resilience, we’ll develop our own language of survival. In a supportive and friendly atmosphere, we’ll explore how to write in a way which reaches out to others, makes sense from confusion, and ultimately, nourishes and helps us.


Workshop: Kim Moore 'Veiling the Narrative'
5th October Holiday Inn - 10 – 12
 What are the different ways of ‘veiling the narrative’ in poetry and should we try and do this at all? During this workshop we’ll be looking at different ways of telling a story in our poem. Using techniques such as fragmentation and repetition, we will experiment with the idea of holding back or telling all.  We’ll look at the use of images to create a narrative, and how we can construct a narrative arc in poetry.
LUNCH BOX Readings from Anna Saunders and Robin Houghton with open mic
5th October - 13:00 - 15:00 - TENT PALACE OF THE DELICIOUS AIR. Hosted by Sam Loveless and with guest poets Anna Saunders and Robin Houghton. Anna joins us from Cheltenham where she runs the poetry festival and generally supports the titanic poetry scene there with her grace and charm. She reads from her popular new collection Ghosting for Beginners.  Blogger-in-residence Robin reads a selection of her own widely-published work (and then will attempt to blog about herself afterwards – no pressure!) Bring your lunch and a poem.

THE WEATHER HOUSE with Susan Taylor and Simon Williams
5th October; 15:30 - 16:30; TENT PALACE OF THE DELICIOUS AIR.
Susan Taylor and Simon Williams, two of the most amusing poets around, present a show based on their upcoming Indigo Dreams collection. Here, they celebrate the rain and shine of British weather and romantic love in this enchanting performance, which comes replete with lederhosen, pinafore dress, and plenty of whimsy.
5th October; 17:00 - 18:00; TENT PALACE OF THE DELICIOUS AIR.
Wild Whispers is an international poetry film project that started with one poem and led to 12 versions, 9 languages and 12 poetry films. The project travelled from the U.K. to India, Australia, Taiwan, France, South Africa, Belgium, Sweden and the U.S.A., creating poetry films in English, Malaylam, Chinese, French, Affrikaans, Belgium, American Sign Language, Navajo, Spanish, and Welsh.

5th October; 19:30 - 21:00; TENT PALACE OF THE DELICIOUS AIR. Enjoy a night in our Tent-Place with three incredible poets, some candles and a wine bar. Poet-in-residence Clare Shaw will read from her latest collection. Clare is joined by Wayne Holloway-Smith and Kim Moore.

Wayne Holloway-Smith was born in Wiltshire and lives in London. He received his PhD in English and Creative Writing from Brunel University in 2015. His poems have appeared in a variety of magazines and anthologies. His pocketbook, Beloved, in case you’ve been wondering was published by Donut Press in 2011. He co-edits the online journal Poems in Which and teaches at the University of Hertfordshire. His first book-length collection, Alarum (Bloodaxe Books, 2017) was a Poetry Book Society Wildcard Choice for Winter 2017, was shortlisted for the Roehampton Poetry Prize 2017 and the Seamus Heaney Centre for Poetry Prize for First Full Collection 2018. The final poem in the collection, 'Short', won the Geoffrey Dearmer Prize 2016.

5th October; 21:30 - LATE; TENT PALACE OF THE DELICIOUS AIR. Make toast then settle down with the wonderful music of Nick Drake performed by Keith James.

This concert begins with an introductory set of timeless songs by brilliant songwriters – all contemporary with Nick Drake: Richard Thompson, Roy Harper, Sandy Denny, Al Stewart, Vashti Bunyan, John Martyn and Bert Jansch.

Nick Drake is the most revered of all this country’s songwriters. He recorded three albums between 1969 and 1972 but was almost entirely unknown in his day. After his death in 1974, aged 26, his music almost disappeared into obscurity. Now, following a massive resurgence of interest and a worldwide re-evaluation of his genius, Nick Drake has become a national treasure.

A number of years have now passed since singer/guitarist Keith James transfixed the UK with his stunningly beautiful series of concerts entitled The Songs of Nick Drake. Keith was the first artist ever to bring this fragile and intriguing music to theatres in its pure live concert form. The end result has been over a decade of highly acclaimed concerts amounting to thousands of shows in venues in the UK and across Europe.


Saturday 6th October
Workshop: Clare Shaw 'Gender Outlaws'
6th October Holiday Inn - 10 – 12
In poetry, we can be who we want to be. From Sappho to Wordsworth, from women who love women to men who love daffodils, poetry offers a liberatory space to the oppressed and the marginalised, the conformist and the closeted, the outlaw and the out-and-proud. In its shape-shifting world of image and metaphor, hidden passion and intense emotion, poetry offers a unique territory for the exploration of gender in all of its manifestations. Dark places and damage, shampoo and Asda will all feature in this workshop as we explore what gender means to us - in our lives, and in our poetry. Open to all.

Workshop: Kim Moore 'To Look Is An Act of Choice'
6th October Holiday Inn - 10 – 12
In his book Ways of Seeing, John Berger wrote ‘We only see what we look at.  To look is an act of choice.’  During this workshop we will be exploring what happens when we change our perspective by focusing on the finer details or zooming out for the bigger picture.  What do we choose to look at in poetry, and what do we choose to avoid, and how can we explore in poetry the relationship between the things we look at and ourselves?
6th October; 14:00 - 15:00;  TENT PALACE OF THE DELICIOUS AIR
Tim Liardet, Professor of Poetry at Bath Spa University, is a favourite of the Poetry Book Society and has been twice shortlisted for the TS Eliot prize. His co-reader, Jennifer Militello, lives in the state of New Hampshire, USA, and is a widely-read American poet. Jennifer teaches in the MFA program in creative writing at New England College.

POETS & PUBLISHERS: Carrie Etter, Laurie Smith & Tony Frazer
6th October; 15:30 - 16:30, TENT PALACE OF THE DELICIOUS AIR - Carrie Etter will be in conversation with editors Tony Frazer of Shearsman and Laurie Smith, one of Magma Poetry's founders. Carrie Etter's fourth collection, The Weather in Normal (US: Station Hill; UK: Seren), is published this autumn; she also edited Infinite Difference: Other Poetries by UK Women Poets (Shearsman, 2010) and Linda Lamus's posthumous collection, A Crater the Size of Calcutta (Mulfran, 2015). She is Reader in Creative Writing at Bath Spa University and has been teaching poetry in Swindon since 2011.

READING with Carrie Etter & Sandeep Parmar
6th October; 17:00 - 18:00, TENT PALACE OF THE DELICIOUS AIR - Carrie Etter's fourth collection, The Weather in Normal (US: Station Hill; UK: Seren), is published this autumn; she also edited Infinite Difference: Other Poetries by UK Women Poets (Shearsman, 2010) and Linda Lamus's posthumous collection, A Crater the Size of Calcutta (Mulfran, 2015). She is Reader in Creative Writing at Bath Spa University and has been teaching poetry in Swindon since 2011. Sandeep Parmar is the Ledbury Emerging Critics Programme co-founder.
6th October; 19:30 - 21:00, TENT PALACE OF THE DELICIOUS AIR - Cristina Navazo-Eguía Newton is once again hosting the presentation of the Battered Moons Poetry Competition 2018.

The event features this year's winners and commended poets as well as Jacob reading from his own work.
Jacob Sam La-Rose’s collection Breaking Silence was shortlisted for a Forward Poetry prize and an Aldeburgh Fenton award. His poems and essays have been published in journals and anthologies such as Ploughshares, Wasafiri, Identity Parade: New British and Irish Poets and Poetry by Heart: A Treasury of Poems to Read Aloud. As an artistic director and educator, he is responsible for the Barbican Young Poets programme and is widely recognised as a facilitator and supporter of emerging writers. His creative practice also includes experiments with poetry and code.” Jacob Sam-La Rose’s writing has been characterised as vivid, masterly and carefully structured. He is widely recognised as an indefatigable facilitator, mentor and supporter of young and emerging poets.
6th October; 21:30 - Late, TENT PALACE OF THE DELICIOUS AIR - Come and join this fun event!

Sunday 7th October
Workshop: Jacob Sam-La Rose Making Writing Work
7th October 10am to 12 noon (HOLIDAY INN)
 A practical masterclass geared towards supporting artists and writers of all levels in ways of managing their work, building systems and workflows for getting work done, and using available technology to support and extend the work they do — with topics ranging from smart and sensible pointers for managing email to building creative knowledge management systems.
Workshop: Editing with Jane Commane of Nine Arches Press
7th October Holiday Inn - 10 – 12 (HOLIDAY INN)
Want to polish up your poems for publication? Then this is the workshop for you! With editor and poet Jane Commane, explore ways to refine and redraft your poems, spot cliches and troubleshoot problems, as well as order  them into a manuscript, This workshop aims to give you the editor's toolkit and to see  your poems in a fresh, new light. Please bring two copies of one poem - it is helpful if this is a draft that you'd like to work on and edit in the workshop.

Workshop: Alan Summers 'Foraging for Haiku!'
7th October 1 - 3 pm (meet at the RICHARD JEFFERIES MUSEUM)
In this indoor/outdoor event, haiku expert Alan Summers will guide you on a "haiku writing walk" or ginko. The notes collected will form the basis of your own haiku poems for workshopping back at the Museum. We will start with Alan reading a number of his haiku, and deconstructing these shortest of poems to show how each originated with his observations of life and the environment. We'll then all go on a haiku walk, known as a ginko in Japan, and make our own observations and field notes as raw ingredients for our own haiku. A relaxed workshop follows, where Alan will lead you through editing and splicing your notes to create an original, resonant haiku of your own.
CLOSE READING: The Little Car by Guillaume Apollinaire
7th October; 14:00 - 15:00, TENT PALACE OF THE DELICIOUS AIR - "The unimaginable heights where men fight." writes Apollinaire in this poem written during the First World War. Cristina Navazo-Eguía Newton will take us through it.
POETRY PRIMERS Volume 3 Readings
7th October; 15:30 - 16:30, TENT PALACE OF THE DELICIOUS AIR - The Primers scheme, run by The Poetry School and Nine Arches Press, provides an important platform for emerging poets who are seeking to develop their writing and build towards a full collection of poems. This event showcases the work of this years three selected new po
ets: Aviva Dautch, Romalyn Ante and Sarala Estruch. The Primers Volume 3 collection is published by Nine Arches Press.

READING with Jane Commane & Claire Dyer
7th October; 17:00 - 18:00, TENT PALACE OF THE DELICIOUS AIR 
Jane Commane is a poet, writer and editor based in the Midlands. Her debut collection of poems, Assembly Lines, was published by Bloodaxe Books in February 2018. Jane is also co-author (with Jo Bell) of How to Be a Poet, a creative writing handbook and blog series. Jane is the Editor of Nine Arches Press and co-editor of Under the Radar magazine. Claire Dyer's latest novel, The Last Day, is published by The Dome Press. Her previous novels are published by Quercus and her poetry collections are published by Two Rivers Press. She is a regular guest on BBC Radio Berkshire’s Radio Reads, co-ordinates Reading's Poets' Café, teaches creative writing and runs Fresh Eyes, an editorial and critiquing service.
7th October; 20:00 - Late, TENT PALACE OF THE DELICIOUS AIR -
Join the editors for the biennial carnage that is the launch
of anarchist poetry magazine Domestic Cherry.

Monday 8th October

Goodbye Brunch: Clare Shaw and Robin Houghton
7th October; 10:00 - 11:00, TENT PALACE OF THE DELICIOUS AIR - a goodbye wavering with coffee and croissants, readings of poetry and some playful exchange too.

Tickets for Events
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Tickets for Workshops and Day Passes
Super Hamlet Trailer
4th October; 19:00 - 20:00; TENT PALACE OF THE DELICIOUS AIR.
Three of Swindon’s favourite poets celebrate making the big time with a special reading. Nine Arches debutant Josephine Corcoran, who has read many times in Swindon over the years, brings us her fantastic collection What Are You After? Stephen Payne has shared a bill this year with Carol Anne Duffy, Gillian Clarke and other top poets. Louisa Campbell poet and activist, uses her work to fund good causes. Sales of her latest collection, The Ward, will help fund the rescue and care of dogs.

THE PROLETARIAT: Readings from Peter Raynard & Richard Skinner
4th October; 20:30 - Late; TENT PALACE OF THE DELICIOUS AIR. Two of the poetry’s most empathic talents share a stage to showcase their new works from the exciting Smokestack Press.
Peter Raynard is the editor of Proletarian Poetry, a website dedicated to providing a complete picture of the life of the working class. 
Vanguard Readings founder Richard Skinner reads from The Malvern Aviator, a collection rich in varying forms and intricately subtle language.

Wild Whispers Trailer
Battered Moons is a national poetry competition which started nine years ago and over the years has been privileged to have guest judges including Alice Oswald, David Morley, Pascale Petite, Daljit Nagra and Malika Booker. This year the competition has been judged by Jacob Sam La-Rose.