Festival Chronicle
Poetry Swindon is taking a break!
We are now a project of the Richard Jefferies Museum Trust and are taking time to create an exciting programme with the museum for May 2017. Our Festival will be taking place between 5th and 9th October 2017. To register interest please click HERE

Highlights of Festival 2016

Some highlights and comments from our audience and visitors:

"I have been attending festivals as a poet for over 25 years, and this was surely the best I have seen, in terms of spirit, friendliness, audience engagement, and general sense of a poetry friendly environment. Well done for excellent work.” Todd Swift

Wow-what a grand time-----Viet Vets charging their Mobility Scooters in Harem tents; 1930's Modernist diving towers; grand people; grand reading-lovely to read with Alison [after 20 odd years] --its a special atmosphere you got going and you should be very proud---you must be exhausted! Hope the rest went off well-----Grand fun, too---great poetry but without the [oft-times] po-faced aura] ---we salute you. Say hi to Mike and Sam and all the others-everyone very helpful, no-bullshit people with great energy---wish I could have stayed longer but there you go --makes you feel good so many grand folks exist in this sad, post Brexit media-dominated world. Hilda-you're a true star--all hail Swindon. Matthew Caley.

I’m struggling to come to terms with how good last weekend was. I was uncertain about leaving Lower Shaw Farm but this venue blew it away. I went to four workshops and each one was brilliant; which in itself was amazing and the standard of poetry was colossal.Thank you so much for letting me read as for me, selfishly, that was the highlight of the weekend. You, Maurice and the rest of the crew were so warm and kind I knew I was among friends and that warmth and friendship is something that distinguishes Swindon from any other festival I've been to. It is something I am grateful for and deeply appreciate.” John Mills (Resident)

“I’m so happy to have been involved in this festival, and to have met so many wonderful people. I've properly caught the poetry bug, now, thanks to Hilda Sheehan and all the other awesome poets. Can't wait for 2017s installment.” Susie Simmons